Need help identifying bird please.

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emeritus | 16:19 Mon 17th Jan 2011 | Animals & Nature
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I usually just see Mallards on a nearby lake but this morning saw a bird I didnt recognise.

Trying to post a picture but having problems so will try a description for now.

Slightly bigger than a Mallard, mainly grey plumage with Orange beak. Back of neck black and 2 distinctive black stripes on the head. 1 running from eye to eye and the other slightly lower.

Tried to find it by Googling without success. Grateful if anyone can help.


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try garganey or pin tail
As Rowan has suggested, they could be Garganey or Pintail......have a look at the Photos here

Doesn't sound like a Pintail.
do you mean that it is like a mallard or just a bit bigger and a diferent bird type ?

a plover has the black stripes you mention, some have orange beaks as well.
Oh dear, has your duck died, Naz?
bar headed goose? its a small goose or possibly a barnacle goose also a small one
seen where? barnacle goose looks most likely or an escaped exotic but not orange beak will try surfbirds identifier
a location would help
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Thank you all.

Its definately a Bar Headed Goose so thank you very much Rowan never seen one before.
My son is a brilliant ornithologist and local bird recorder.
He said sounds like Bar-headed Goose as rowan said.
it might be of interest to your local recorder they are not that common
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It states on some sites that all the ones seen in the UK are escapees from Ornamental Waterfowl collections (I wonder if there is a reward for recapture ??)

I know the local Wildlife Trust person so will let him know.

Thanks Again

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Need help identifying bird please.

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