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New Neighbours

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Khandro | 11:56 Tue 05th Mar 2024 | Animals & Nature
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Hooligans have moved it onto the riverbank close to my house !! - actually I'm delighted & just taken this picture. Not seen anything like it all the time we've lived here, I think it's due to the ongoing re-wilding programme.



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Beavers ?? 

Question Author

Yes, I'd love to see them in action. Must find out more about them, when they do their work etc.  The chew marks in the timber is extraordinary gouge-like, their teeth must be razor sharp.

You lucky so and so, yes, their teeth must be amazing, you could tell the culprits by just looking at the trees.
What an absolute treat to have them so close 🙂

Oh ...industrious little critters. Feel sorry for the tree, though...or do they go for already weak trees?

Question Author

We've got an awful lot of trees here pasta, and I think this bifurcated one was dead anyway.

I think their plan must have been for the trunks to fall across the river but,  'The best laid plans of beavers and men .....'

Still, there's always tomorrow, 🙂


Iggnaw them!

Remember this.....?


I bet the trees weren't delighted. They felt picked on and let down.

Here's a very busy beaver...


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New Neighbours

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