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Why Can't Chimpanzees Tame And Ride Horses?

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Kennyat | 00:27 Wed 21st Feb 2024 | Animals & Nature
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Chimps are smart and can use tools so why can't chimpanzees tame and ride horses?



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Are there many horses in the jungles where chimps live?

Perhaps they've not had the chance to watch Planet of the Apes so they're not interested...yet.

what tool would they use to ride a horse?

Because they haven't learnt to speech properly like wot us humans have.

How would they say Gee Up Neddy and Whoa Neddy?

All they can do is shriek, grunt and sort of laugh.

And eat bananas by the fistful, which is a pretty cool trait.

They are too short to get the saddle and bridle on.

I have seen chimps riding ponies in the circus, in the bad old days of lion tamers and performing elephants, dancing poodles and bears wearing hats.

Chimps use of "tools" is very limited. Basically they can bash stuff & poke stuff. Horses wouldn't be at all impressed.

Not too far away from whipping and kicking horses on the flat, Dave

Maybe chimps could replace the jockeys in the Grand National.  They'd probably be less likely to get trampled of they were unseated at The Chair.




Why would they want to ? Or even consider having a mount ? No benefit, no incentive.

They can they choose not to. They can even play the piano, I've seen them on TV.

Many thay can't stop monkeying around.

Question Author

I just wonder if chimp can deal with horse ?

Oh now you're just being silly 🙄🤔

LOL Seekz, this is the new version of Answerbank. 

Any crap posted is welcomed 🤣

Really ?? Well at least they're not asking which dress to wear !!

Maybe equestrians should follow a dress code too,,,

Mankinis, anyone ?? (Trust an Aussie)

Especially a horsey person🤣

Ouch !!

Are you a die hard horse rider Seekz?

If so, I'll pretend to apologise,,

Why try to apologise ? Or does that phrase mean something I don't know about ?
Yes I have been a very keen rider - I have about five saddles still 🙄 but rarely use

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Why Can't Chimpanzees Tame And Ride Horses?

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