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Pet Insurance Reccomendations

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Redhelen72 | 12:03 Thu 22nd Feb 2024 | Animals & Nature
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I want to get insurance for Islay - its been years since I had insurance for my older dogs or cats - and I find myself so confused.

All the different options - lifetime, limited amounts etc.  They also ask if she in spayed or microchipped - considering she is currently only 8 weeks - of course not but she will be when old enough, so am I penalised because she is not?

Thank you



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I'm with Admiral for my two little monsters.

I didn't insure them until after they had been done, although I got quotes beforehand and do not remember there being a significant difference.

I found that the difference in cost between the cheapest plan and the most expensive was not very much so I got unlimited, lifetime.  I took the view that if either of them were likely to need vet care, the lower limits could probably be quickly exceeded.

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thanks BM I can't get her done till 8 weeks after her first season so she will be about 1ish.

I will have a vet plan that will get me 'free' vaccinations and flea and worm treatments 2 free checkups a year and 10% off all treatments so just trying to way up the pro's and conns


I've got a vet plan too, but that will only cover two free consultations (handy for minor stuff like abscesses) when any fees would be below the excess.

The trouble with insurance is that you spend money and never seem to see any return.  But if you don't have it and you need it, you wish you did!

Hi- has she had a name change already? Thought it was Isla

Question Author

Its pronounced the same but himself insists it has to be the proper spelling!

Can't answer from personal experience, but Which? seem to favour Agria's policies highly.

Are you trying to misspell more words than TTT?  Recommendations

I had Tesco insurance for the cats but when they got into their teens it cost too much money.  I cancelled it and then had to pay £400 to get Frankie's teeth fixed.

My house insurance is with Admiral - they seem quite easy to work with.



Get a mid price from pet insurance company and put that money in a separate bank account each month.  It will add up and should be enough when you need it.  Pet insurance companies are leeches. 

I agree with Smurf.  I paid for my first dog for 10 years, cost me a fortune and never got anything from it.  Ever since I have put money every month in my Pet Account and it'a only with my current dog that I have had to pay out.

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We're with Tesco's pet insurance for our cockapoo. Seems reasonably priced and good cover.

I'm not sure about this. hopefully she will get the right insurance package soon.

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Pet Insurance Reccomendations

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