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A.i. Cat Flap

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wolf63 | 15:48 Fri 12th Jan 2024 | Animals & Nature
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This could be a handy addition to households ruled by cats.

🐱The appropriately named Swiss startup Flappie has an AI-powered catflap that can detect if your furry friend is trying to bring some unfortunate prey into the house. If the camera spots a mouse in the cat’s mouth it blocks the door until your feline friend drops it. There is an app so you can remotely control the catflap and track your pet’s comings and goings. It costs 449 Swiss francs (£414) and ships in the spring.🐆🐅🐆🐅



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It's a nice gimmick, but at £414 I think I'll stick with my current one, which cost around £20 ish if I remember correctly.

Most cats are intelligent enough to spot what's happening so come in backwards - can the flap cope with that.

but are they smart enough to avoid cars that go sideways...


they're in your link, Canary

But what if they're trying to get in with a canary ?

Cat and Canary have History.

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A.i. Cat Flap

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