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Did The Vet Give Me Bad Advice?

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Cindy1302 | 00:48 Mon 08th Jan 2024 | Animals & Nature
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I noticed something odd on the corner of my cats nose. I called the vet. I couldn't explain it, i said that it kind of looks like a scab, so they asked me to send a photo. I did that. They got back to me a little bit later, and they got back to me saying that they agree that it looks like a scab of some sort. They said to leave it alone for right now, and monitor the area but that I could warm compress it to to soften and loosen it. I though for sure they'd have me bring her in. This is what it looks like.



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I doubt it's life-threatening so their advice seems reasonable, if a bit ambiguous (i.e. leave it alone/warm compress it)

I think it was sensible advice, I can't view your picture but I imagine they asked some pertinent questions - like how long has it been there, has he/she been in a fight, does your cat go outside etc. 

If after warmth and compressing you think there's an infection then it's time to take the cat in but it may just heal/clear up of its own accord.

Is your cat showing any signs of distress ... ?

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I don't think they asked those questions, and no she's not showing any signs of distress


your vet is a qualified person, who you pay for avice from.  What is the point of asking a bunch of random people in a different country if the advice was good?  If you dont like the advice, get a different vet

none of us are vets for chrissakes

I went to a vet and then I asked a whole lot  of non-vetes if he were right. That sort of week. see the ridiculous struggle over Basophils

I am not  a vet ( altho I  knew  one once) it looks  like a scab- as the very  wise sqad wd say - watch and wait

agree beddie

she says that a lot about  me by the way - where does he  get all his so-called self proclaimied medical 'knowledge' from ?

AB doesnt do irony

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Did The Vet Give Me Bad Advice?

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