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Smelly Dog

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Vagus | 17:26 Tue 08th Nov 2022 | Animals & Nature
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Our dog, a cockapoo, goes to the groomer regularly every six weeks for a bath and haircut, he’s going on Thursday this week.
About ten days ago he started to smell quite strongly of dog, as we thought, which we were surprised about.
Having given him a good sniff today it turns out the smell is coming from his ears. They’re not inflamed (they’re very pale and healthy looking)or waxy or discharging, just very smelly. Been and bought some ear drops which have completely got rid of this pong.
I’m just really surprised about how smelly they were, and how normal looking they are. Has anyone had something similar in their dog?


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No, I've never heard of this.
So it was a pongyear dog ?
Mind you, it being a cockapoo, one is surprised it was the ears.
////They’re not inflamed (they’re very pale and healthy looking)or waxy or discharging, just very smelly.////

Could you see inside the ears?

What did the drops contain?...
Question Author
Couldn’t see right inside, obviously, but he’s very patient and allowed us to peer in as far as we were able to.
The drops are Vetzyme ear drops and cleanser with triclosan and antibacterial properties, says it’s formulated to help soften and remove ear wax, soothe irritation and help avoid bacterial build up which could cause unpleasant odour.
We’ll see how he goes. He has two injections every four weeks at the vets so next time he’s there, we’ll mention it so maybe the vet will have a look right inside.
Vagus; you've got a dog but you don't like it smelling like a dog?
Question Author
I quite like doggy smell but when it suddenly happens and is very very strong then no, I don’t like it. And, more importantly, wonder what’s causing it.
At least it wasn't his anal glands!
Question Author
Oh he does that to us regularly Tilly... :(
Smelly ears can indicate infection.

I don’t like dogs smelling doggie because smelly dogs means a smelly house. Mine get showered between trips to the groomers.
Mine is just in from groomers. Looks divine.
yep - ear infection and
quite common in spaniels.....possibly a yeast infection or bacterial infection, or both.
when my dog had smelly ears it was an out of the blue allergy to foods he had eaten for years...its worth talking to your vet I think.
Vagus; 17:26
I hope he's alright. Kiss his ear better from me. :-)
Question Author
Thank you for all your answers.
Doesn't anyone bath their own dogs any more or at least brush them regularly? Cleaning ears is part and parcel of a regular grooming routine. You should see the state of some dogs brought into my friend's grooming parlour - particularly the cockapoodledoo types that the owners think don't need grooming between parlour visits because the breeder told them it was hypoallergenic and doesn't moult - they have to be shaved to the skin and it must be so painful with the fur pulling their skin. Some are downright cruelty cases then the owners moan because they have had to be shaved down to the skin.

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Smelly Dog

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