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Dog's With Smelly Ears!

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hollie1586 | 15:44 Wed 25th Jul 2007 | Animals & Nature
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What can i do about a dog with really smelly ears?!? my puppy is 10 months and her's reek! the vet says that it is normal but i really dont think that it is! does anyone elses dog have the same problem?!


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normal?? - try another vet!! - it could be an infection, an allergy or excessive amount of wax - do they look red and sore?
My old dog had a stinky smelly ear and nothing the vet gave me would help it clear up .Another Aber recommended I get a powder called Thornit ...brilliant stuff .Cleared it up in no time .
Though as your dog is still a pup I would still perhaps get a second opinion.
Could be just wax ..and the wax does hum sometimes !
If it is just excess wax the Thornit powder will dry it up and keep the dogs ears clean .
I got it from Ebay .
Smelly ears are not normal! I agree - find another vet!

1) If your dog is a drop eared dog, you'll need to make extra sure you keep them clean and dry. Drop eared dogs have a tendency to collect more moisture in their ears and are more prone to bacterial overgrowth than a prick eared dog.

2) Consider what you are feeding the dog. Many commercial dog foods contain an abundance of grains and some dogs do not tolerate them. Excessive grains can cause an overgrowth of yeast in the ears. Grains=carbohydrates=sugar. Too much sugar can cause yeast infections. Read the label of your current food to see what's in it.

Consider a diet change. Go with a home made diet or if that's not something you are comfortable doing, find a grain free food. It won't be one of the big name brands but it's worth the extra money. In the meantime, add some plain yogurt to the diet (with the active cultures - not the stuff with yummy sweet additives in it) to add good bacteria back into the system.
If an infection is present, you'll need to treat with an anti-biotic and the yogurt will be especially important during treatment to balance out the bacteria. There is a product called R7 Ear Powder (U.S.) but it sounds like what Shaneystar2 recommended will do the same thing.

I have found that proper nutrition cures some of these simple but persistent problems.

Good luck!
Get another vet. If your dogs ears smell it is a good indication of an infection

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Dog's With Smelly Ears!

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