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A Really Lovely Read About The Bonds We Can Form When Animals Need Us

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pastafreak | 20:49 Fri 25th Mar 2022 | Animals & Nature
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...and we need them.
PLEASE...DON'T let the title put you off!


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What a wonderful person.
Animals are just like us, for we are animals too.

I am not a bird person but we should never underestimate their intelligence. I like stories of different species getting on, a Cat who has a Dog for a best friend.
A wonderful story, pasta; I really enjoyed reading it.
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Cute, wolf!!
Question Author
Oh, and equally cute is one commentators experience with a least weasel...I had to Google that critter.
Wolf .. Funny and cute.
Aww! That's lovely. Thanks, Pasta.
Sorry, Pasta. I'm not a fan of presuming that other animals have feelings like humans. I am human in that I feel protective about weaker creatures (although many humans don't feel like that - Putin for example) but writing sentimental stuff for a living is not something I could do. I did cry when my dog died and I buried her in my lunch-break, and I was pleased when she didn't kill our cat when she chased it and grabbed its neck after years of feline provocation (soft-jawed I think they call it - good for retrievers). I'm not a complete swine (forgive my language).
Animals share most of our DNA and we a ll share the same emotions.
There has been studies in other primates that have found that some animals plan ahead but it is widely accepted that most live in the moment.

They show fear, pain, anxiety, love respect etc. In many ways other species are more humane than many humans.
We are different but we are not necessarily superior to the other beings who share our planet.

dont let the title put you off
on the ground that birds dont have babies

Byron - traduced cursed and ridiculed - will want to know if you breast fed it....
or in Latin

Sparrow, my girlfriend’s delightful pet,
with whom she often plays or holds to her chest,
to whom she gives her fingertip as you peck away,

Catullus dirty boy imagines HE is the sparrow....
// Animals share most of our DNA//
chrissakes we share 90% DNA with a cabbage leaf but that only shows that you need alot of it to run a cell - any cell

I was gonna choose 99.5 and a chimpanzee but that doesnt mean it reads the Bible but some people might find that offensive
Chimps are even more evil than humans. They intentionally kill their own kind for enjoyment.

Humans are arrogant to think that animals do not have emotions. They have a sense of humour.

I will admit that our brains allow us to plan and plot and to regret and feel guilt.

But dogs can be trained to do so many jobs that they enjoy. Police dogs love catching and arresting bad guys.

wolf; "Chimps are even more evil than humans. They intentionally kill their own kind for enjoyment. "
I think that humans are the worst species for that sort of behaviour. Most other animals kill to feed themselves. Most other animals have mock fights rather than lethal ones. Have you got some documentation about that chimp behaviour? I'd find that interesting, as I haven't heard it before.
I can't remember where I originally ead about Gangs of Chimps encroaching on territory that was not theirs and killing the other

This is a reasonably scientific source:
It is probably territorial behaviour.
Thanks, Wolf. I suspect that "intentionally kill their own kind for enjoyment."doesn't really fit in with your link. I'm not sure that any other species enjoys such things as sexual gratification from inflicting or receiving pain, or from asserting power over others of their own species just for the fun of it.
Maybe we are off thread now.

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A Really Lovely Read About The Bonds We Can Form When Animals Need Us

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