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#12 The wink and #16 Eyes shut,are my favourites.

Quite the diva.
Well trained dog
Possibly a bit OTT towards the end (brevity is the soul of wit), but nevertheless very amusing.

I like the sense of "what happened next" on #6 as the "villain" pounces on the cake.
I love his expression in photo 3. So smug looking :-D
Awww I love that dog, really cheered me up, thanks for posting ummmm.
How lovely cheered me up after the awful week I have had.
Awww...gorgeous and funny.
Wow it's adorable and cute it's giving me happiness in such a terrible time . thanks a lot man.
Have a nice day.
I bet he hides behind the other dogs making little bunny ears signs above their heads.
What a character! So adorable and funny. Thanks for posting ummmm. Cheered me up! x

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