What Is Wrong With My Cat?

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smurfchops | 12:07 Tue 09th Jun 2020 | Animals & Nature
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Further to my previous question, my five year old spayed torty cat is now asking for food almost every hour. She has been wormed and de flead. The vet gave her a basic check last week and could find nothing wrong with her. He didn’t take any blood. She hasn’t lost any weight. But it’s not normal to be asking for food so often, she was never that hungry before, sometimes not even eating till midday. This has been going on for about two or three weeks. I give her Whiskas, Felix pouches, HiLife pouches and biscuits, usually about half a pouch at a time but now she is eating a whole pouch in one go and asking for more an hour later. I used to feed her around 9.30am and 3.30pm with a little before we go to bed which was fine. She is eating a little grass in the garden as well and goes to toilet outside so I can’t examine anything ... any ideas on what could be wrong and what I should do next? Otherwise she seems fit and healthy, not being sick (indoors anyway) and still running about. I am just getting fed up seeing her crying next to her food bowl. Thanks all.


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Mine is the same. I think it's boredom half the time.
she has lockdown fever I reckon. My husband cries by his empty plate about every hour too. Luckily for him he has opposable thumbs
My cat eats about 4 pouches a day. It all depends on who is here, If I've fed him he'll go crying to someone else.
Worth getting a blood test for diabetes.
Worms (thus food not getting properly absorbed).

Possibly poorly controlled diabetes - our cat was eating huge amounts (and excreting to match).

Vets are still open, I believe.
The vet checked her last week.
And took no bloods?
I am not a cat owner, nor do I claim to know a lot about them.
However, I am sure I read somewhere that a cat was showing early signs of dementia by forgetting that he had already eaten. I realise that 5 is not old for a cat and you say she is otherwise well, but could it be something to consider?
Our cats get a full pouch each, every morning and night and crunchies ad lib. I don't think half a pouch on a morning, half at 3.30 and a 'little' before bed is enough for a full grown cat. There is a good chance, as she's an outside cat, she has getting fed elsewhere and this for whatever reason has stopped. I would increase the amount of food and give her access to plenty of water and cat crunchies ad lib.
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Thanks all, l am feeding her more now, but she is still hungry every hour or so, licking her lips .... bless. I had thought of diabetes but she is not drinking her water nor is she losing weight x hopefully it is just a phase ... do they go through phases??!! I will give it another week and then ask the vet to take some bloods to put my mind at rest. Any more ideas anyone ?
Five years ago, one of my cats was doing exactly what you describe - hungry all the time, even after having just eaten. Blood test showed over-active thyroid. He is now on a tablet called Vidalta once a day. He has live happily and healthily on his tablet for the last five years. It might be worth getting your cat blood tested.
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Thanks Ringlet, l will get bloods done.

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