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Deskdiary | 19:03 Mon 08th Jun 2020 | Animals & Nature
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Up until 2016 I had lived with Labradors my whole life (literally my whole life), and when he died rather than getting another one, we decided to get a lap dog, a Cavachon, who is a great dog, but we've decided we want a big dog as well.

We've done a lot of reading, and we're inclined towards a Rottweiler.

They have a bit of a reputation, but I firmly believe it's how you bring-up a dog that determines their nature, and any dog of ours would be a softy.

My question is....does anybody in AB Land have any experience with Rottweilers and any pointers?


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Not a fan - my next door neighbour had several over the years - all treated the same and all very well trained and well looked after.

Two of the three were gentle giants, the third was just plain nasty and I wouldn't trust her an inch - even the 'look at the parents' advice wouldn't have helped as she was from the same litter as one of the friendly ones.
I know its better to adopt than breed BUT I know many people who only ever adopt dogs (I am a long term member of dog behaviour, rescue and training group) and they would all say be careful with guarding breeds. My experience (and theirs) is that its not how you bring the dog up but in the breeding and in the early care before the dog comes to the owner and also in the character of the dog. I have had 7 dogs over many years and each one has been different with different character traits and behaviours...some softer than others, some more accepting of strangers than others. My current dog is the surviving litter brother of the pair. He is much more reticent with strangers than his brother was. Happily neither of them wanted to guard and we never put them in a position where they felt they needed to protect themselves.
The first dog that I ever had came from a very experienced weimaraner breeder. She owned both the dog and the *** and knew that the combination produced gentler hunting type dogs and guardy sharp bitches. If I was going for a Rotti these days I would be getting to know the breeder and their own dogs VERY well before committing myself. They also used to suffer with hip and spine problems and arthritis, not sure how/if that has improved.
You may not want to hear this but i would say think again!
oh for goodness sake! lady dog!
I've known and met many people with Rotties and I've always found them to be lovely, friendly (and slightly daft) dogs.

As long as you've got LOTS of time to dedicate to exercising your new dog, go for it!
hmmm "tenacious, possessive, stubborn" and this "They are protective and brave. The Rottweiler is a naturally protective breed, which needs no training in order to learn about defending their property and family. They are watchful and territorial, and will consider all of their human pack as under their protection. This makes them excellent working dogs for security and police work, as the dog will not back down in the face of frightening situations or threats, but it does mean that within the domestic home, the dog must be taught not to attempt to scare off visitors!"

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