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skyplus | 00:23 Sat 29th Nov 2014 | Animals & Nature
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I have a dog and a cat and both have ring worm. I rang the vet who will only see them as two visits, which I cannot afford. Is there any old fashioned cure
for this condition?

Many thanks in advance


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Yes PDSA is a good place to try. Don't mean to worry you but ringworm is highly contagious aNd you and any children can catch it, it really needs sorting.
I was surprised one day to see our local Lloyds chemist stocking dog/cat medicines - the assistant said that they were cheaper than the vets!

Might be worth a visit!
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>>>I was surprised one day to see our local Lloyds chemist stocking dog/cat medicines

Nearly all pharmacies now do. Asda pharmacies, for example, sell non-prescription flea treatments (but which still can't be sold in places like Pets at Home), such as Frontline [and a cheaper generic alternative] far cheaper than most vets do. (Co-op pharmacies are also usually quite cheap for pet products too).
all three replies are very good, it is contagious from pet to human and vice versa, if the pets live indoors with family you'll need to treat soft furinshings. My sister keeps animals for working and pets, buys her vaccines for them and any other treatment at farm supply stores if you had one near they usually set up around where marts are held etc. handy if you don't qualify for PDSA
methyl and Chris weren't there when I posted :)
canesten should work
but the internet says imaverol is better

also miconazole - daktarin should work

and you do need to treat - a vet friend used to diagnose cats and dogs by asking the owner: do your children have ringworm ?
gentian crystal violet is old really old but works

I would only use this on the kids and I have to say it gets everywhere
Gentian violet every time. Could make a splodge o. The furniture if indoor pets but it does work. Dab several times a day for about 10 days. I. Sure if you ask at your pharmacy you could get something otc. I also remember something called white cream or something similar which was available otc at pharmacy.
Make sure you wash all their bedding and brushes in a disinfectant.
If you haven't been to the vet, can I ask how you are sure that its ringworm?
I caught ringworm from a horse I rode at a riding school. It is very contagious and needs treating. If you can't afford two vet visits take one and use whatever the vet gives you on both.
A response from the OP would be nice after all these helpful answers and to let us know if they've seen the vet.

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