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liskeardgirl | 19:07 Mon 06th Oct 2008 | Animals & Nature
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my horse has ringworm what is easyest treatment to get rid of it please


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The old fashioned remedy is iodine. It is difficult to get but I got it for my dog.

You may have to use a twitch on the horse as it does burn but it works with one dab on each sore.

Its excellent for people as well....have had treatment on myself in past.
It needs to be washed with an antifungal liquid detergent which your vet will prescribe, You can also get some stuff to put in the feed. It is very contagious and humans can catch it. I once got it from a riding school pony,
Here in the western U.S., we occasionally see ringworm in our cow ponies. Understand that it's a fungal infection and is spread from animal to animal so it's important to find out if your horse is around others that are so infected.
We use a simple and cheap method that's just as effective as a call to the Vet. Firstly, some of the treatment can be a little painful so be sure you watch you pony closely so he doesn't bite or kick.
Then... get a pair of scissors and a bucket of warm water into which you've poured about a quart of water and a "glug-glug" of common household bleach. We're not going to put any bleach on the horse, but you're going to use the scissors to closely trim the hair around each infected area (a pair of clippers is better) . Between each cutting, rinse the scissors in the bleach solution so you don't transmit the fungus to other areas.

OK, now that you've done that, take any anti-fungal shampoo you've purchased at your drug store (we use Head and Shoulders Selenium Sulfide Shampoo) and thoroughly scrub each trimmed area (a rolled up pair of women's pantyhose works well).. Rinse well with warm water and then take a quart of warm, clean water and mix in about 1/2 cup (maybe 2 ounces) of common white vinegar. This is where your horse may experience some burning sensation,. Rinse the areas with the water/vinegar and then dry it thouroughly. Finally, use a good, over the counter medication for human athletes foot infections such as Lotrimin, or a 1% hydrocortisone cream and rub well into each area.
Be sure to use latex gloves, since some varieties of the fungus can be transmitted to humans.
Repeat once a week for at least 4 weeks... longer if it persists. Clean up any hair you've trimmed to minimize transmissionto other horses.
Clean as much tack as you can with the vinegar water solution, especially cinches, breast bands and reins, since most infections are on the neck or lower chest areas...
Best of luck!
Don't forget to keep the horses grooming kit, numnahs, rugs, water buckets ,feed bowls etc seperate from everyone elses and make sure that you wash thoroughly between doing anything with the infected horse and any other non-infected horses. Ringworm can spread like wildfire given half the chance, and can affect you too. Make sure that anyone else dealing with your horses takes all the precautions too. Good luck, and hope horse feels better soon!

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