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Think I Have Asked This Before...

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pussnboots | 00:08 Mon 01st Apr 2013 | Animals & Nature
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but still an ongoing problem.
It's a nightmare trying to get one of my cats Frontline in her, she runs off as soon as I open the thing (can she smell it?) she hides under the bed. We have tried the holding her in a towel but she fights so hard she rips our arms apart, how on earth do you get Frontline on a really really scaredy cat.


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Have you tried using thick gardening gloves together with the towels?
Question Author
I think thick leather gauntlets up to my arm pits would do the trick.
Do you warm the stuff up prior to application?
Or even thick leather gauntlets! Lol

I forgot about the rest of the arm and how much of a bloodbath would be caused if they are not adequately protected!
Question Author
Ahh answerprancer, could that be the answer, my other cat doesn't mind at all but does try to get away once the liquid touches his skin.
I open it when the cat isnt there then call him. Then very firm hold or I get soeone to hold cat while I quickly put it on. Mine recognises the packet and is off he even understands the word frontline.
I had one little cat who even knew if I thought about the frontline. Because she was small it was possible to first get OH to hold her firmly then swiftly put the stuff on, then she'd run off for a bit. But with a larger cat.....difficult. The more panic-stricken they get the more they'll fight. What about sneaking up when it's asleep?
i wait till shes sound asleep in the lounge then open it in the kitchen , creep in the lounge and squeeze usually get most of it on before she runs for cover
Some cats are very sensitive to Frontline, it causes a reaction similar to a burning sensation on their skin. Could it be that your cat is one of these? Is there another brand of treatment you could use instead?
Ok, a cat is not a dog and worming tablets are not flea applications, but....After laughing my head off for a whole two seconds at my Lulu's bum shuffle across the living room floor, I realised I hadn't wormed her for quite a few months. I phoned OH and asked him to get some worming tablets on the way home.

I asked to to grab the tablet, whilst I was cradling her, planning on massaging the tablets down if ness, when he told me that he picked up powder instead. WHAT AN IDIOT! So I poured the powder into her food bowl, turned around to grab a tin of meat to mix it up with, but was too late. Little Lu had scoffed all the worming powder.

She's normally a little fussy, so I dont know if there is a flavouring there, or whether somehow, just SOMEHOW, she knew it was good for her. If you cat hates the application, arethere any other options you can try?
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Sorry for not being back 'till now. Manages to get the stuff on her but took 3 goes, I think some of it missed, she darted off. Next month will have to be a more conserted effort because flea season will be in full swing.

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