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Fat Cat

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sara3 | 11:45 Tue 02nd Apr 2013 | Animals & Nature
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Colin is... fat. there, I've said it.

he is a big breed, but I can't keep making excuses for him! he's about 8 years old, and only eats Go Cat Complete (wet food upsets his tummy). I don't actually think he eats *that* much, but he wails for food every time he comes in the house (often), and I give him a very small amount.. so he's grazing all day, apart from when I'm at work.

any ideas? diet cat food?


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You can get diet cat food from most large pet shops and some supermarkets.

One of our cats is getting a little bit fat because she also wails for food at all hours of the day and night and I was giving in for the sake of peace, we are now being very strict with her and only feeding her twice a day with wet food and providing a small amount of dry food throughout the day. She isn't amused about it and is being very sulky at the moment.
you have to be tough, give him a measured amount and that's it. be prepared for battle of the cat to start

and don't eat in the same room.....
We used to have a fat cat. She was lovely but so fat that she couldn't clean her back and we had to shave her.

Colin doesn't look too fat. He's long haired and they always look bigger than they are. Put him in the bath and you'll see how fat he is.

Dare you :-)
Question Author
lol, thanks daffy :o)

Colin drives me nuts. he wails. he taps me with his paw. he shouts. he taps me with a hint of claw!

I don't want to spend loads of money as he's fussy, but will see what the supermarket has when I can get out.. or pet shop if I can ever drive again!
Question Author
thanks fluff, I'm not quite battle ready but will make preparations!

ummmm.. give over!
I hoovered Brian's tail yesterday and he jumped in the toilet. Made me laugh...
Question Author
lol, never a dull moment......... :o)
Question Author
I wouldn't mind if I thought he'd eat it! do they do sample sizes?
My Barnzi (a rather odd lilac tipped persian) used to refuse to go outdoors, so set and supervised feed times were a breeze. I fed him on cod, tuna or prawns in the morning and purina in the evening, always maintained the same weight. When I moved, (he was about 8) he decided to start venturing out. He put on quite a bit of weight. I wasn't concerned, and I used to smile at him and a grey cat running around together and attempting to hunt all day.

When he started to go off his food, I found out the nice lady in the next close was feeding him too, Barnzi saw it as his second home. She was feeding him salmon and leftover turkey and chicken, and was even ordering scraps from the fish shop for him!

Are you sure he hasn't found day care elsewhere!?!

Maybe a vet should advise, I can't even work out what all the letters mean on those packets (cd/kd/wd/jd etc.)
Question Author
AC, that has crossed my mind.. I've cleared up his puke that contained food that never came from my house.

the strange woman down the road feeds all the cats. I've told her off before, but Colin would always be at the front of the queue!
Question Author
daffy.. nor me! I'm trying to avoid the expense of the vets, so will maybe get some advice in a big pet store.
When I realised my Barnzi was getting extra care, I spoke to the cat feeder. She was bathing and grooming my puddy cat too! Butshe generally found joy through looking after him. So I let her get on with it, but cut back his food at ours.

We are all attached to our little animals, though, aren't we? When I missed him, I'd stick my head out the door and rattle a bag of treats, he'd be back in within seconds!
Question Author
they're so loyal.. when food is involved!

awhh.. I've had an op recently, and Colin barely left my side. he was such a sweetie :o)

Barnzi obviously wanted to share the love!
He's probably eating lots of songbirds when he's out.
The problem with go cat is that it is the cat version of big macs!!

Try Iams or a better quality food.
Question Author
I think he's just an armchair hunter, Canary ;o)
Question Author
is it, FGT? wow.. I never knew that!
fraid so - i have the same problem as you - all 3 of mine love go cat and leave the good stuff - most super markets do small bags to try it out on him.

It is measured amounts rather than grazing with iams - my outside cat hates go cat and loves iams - go figure a fussy stray!!

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