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kat1 | 18:29 Sun 03rd Jul 2011 | Animals & Nature
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Had a great rehoming day today. 2 adult cats, 3 kittens & a kitten reserved which only came in late yesterday but is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. It's a grey tabby with the most remarkable markings. Very hot up there today,all their water bowls were turning green! The other great news was the cat,Winnie, i rehomed the other week & new owners brought her back the day after got rehomed again this week & went to a great home.


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Winnie was the one with the smelly litter tray? Now that she has a real home she should start visiting the home that rejected her and crap all over their neat garden.

It is nice to see adults being rehomed. Kittens are much cuter than adults but they are manic and destructive.

Keep up the good work - but in a civilised society there would be no unplanned pregnancies for our furry friends. De-nut all the males!

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Yes wolf she was anyway their loss cos she is lovely. I too like to see the adult cats go but we are overrun with kittens & do need to rehome some.
Really pleased to hear that Winnie has found a new home, I'm sure her new owners will love her. Good news about all the others too especially the adult cats
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Thanks bensmum.
Wolf63 the females need doing too, otherwise the feral toms will have their wicked ways with them. I see them every night this time of year out in the fields crying out for satisfaction. And then the earpiercing shrieks that result from them finding it.

One morning my son seemed rather lethargic at the breakfast table, I asked him what was wrong. He said he was kept awake by the cats making kittens.

His bedroom was closest to the woods where the feral toms were regularly 'looking for it'

We have since moved to a quieter part of town.
spikey - I fully agree with you, but many owners of tom cats seem to think that since their little angel can't give birth to kittens they have no need to get their cat neutered.
The only solution is to neuter the females. Doing the males is pointless if there is 1 male around that hasn't been done.
kat1, thanks for the update. Fantastic news about Winnie! I'm so pleased
Grest weekend kat, well done, missed your post last weekend x
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Me too turner. Her new owners have been on the Cat Rescue Facebook saying how well she is doing following them round everywhere.
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I only work there every 2 weeks chaff so you didn't miss my post.

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