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Cat Rescue Charitiy Nazis

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bednobs | 20:59 Sat 30th Sep 2017 | Animals & Nature
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what is up with them? all i want to do is rescue a cat or kitten! they firstly wouldnt let us look at any because "we don't let people just wander around looking" then i asked them if they'd like a 10 kg unopened bag of iams we had left when our cat died - "no thanks, we don't like their animal welfare policies!"
then when we do get to adopt, they dont even come and see us - just type our address into google and say "ok then"
i find it a most peculiar way to go about things


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I have heard of people willing to adopt a new family member and the rescue people were very obstructive.

Our local Cats Protection branch are excellent, they also catch feral cats and neuter them before releasing back to their home area. They feed the feral colonies too.

I hope you manage to find a cat that would fit in with your life. :-)
Cats Protection [locally to us at least] are fine.
RSPCA [again locally] were weird one time when we wanted a cat.
'Oh, you live down a 100 yard track, then a very minor unclassified road, and then 200 yards to a busier minor road. We don't think a cat would be safe with you, might get run over'.
How could they ever rehome cats like that?
We had a similar experience with a local cat charity, wouldn't let us have one as we lived too near a busy road,

I know they have to be careful but I'm sure hundreds of cats are missing out on a loving home due to too many rules and regulations.
I really don't know what you expect from people who try to put out fires with gasoline.

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Cat Rescue Charitiy Nazis

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