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New Puppy - Vet Treatments

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lankeela | 20:33 Sat 30th Sep 2017 | Animals & Nature
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Just heard of yet another young puppy that is poorly after the vet insisted on doing vaccination, wormer and flea treatment all at once - their poor little bodies cannot take all those chemicals in one go - stand up to your vet and tell them you only want the vaccination and will do the flea/wormer treatment if the pup actually has them!


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Never been offered that lot in one go, doesn't sound like a good idea tbh.
My vet has never offered that....was it one of the new vets in pet shop chains?
It gets on my nerves that practically every time I go to the vets they ask has she been wormed or had flea treatment ? I will decide if she needs worming or needs flea treatment, it's always worked in the past ! I agree it's way too much for a little pup.
My vets have always did that to my cats and they were always under the weather for at least the next day so now yes I take the wormer/flea stuff home and they have it when I think they need it. Know it's a different thing but that's why I am still wary of the MMR vaccine (didn't allow my daughter to have it...)

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New Puppy - Vet Treatments

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