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Will My Old Lab Be Covered For Dementia Medication?

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chrissa1 | 10:26 Mon 02nd Oct 2017 | Animals & Nature
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Sadly Toby has been diagnosed with dementia. The vet has prescribed, Vivitonon which seems to be having a little bit of a good affect.

My question is, (before I ring them), do you think that my insurance company will pay for the medication that he has to be on for the rest of his life? My excess is £95 and a year’s worth of tablets with be over £800. Thanks.


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I know this sounds silly, but check your policy Chrissa.
AND the small print xx

A mate's 3 year old pooch's pet insurance went up by over £100 when the pooch had a birthday. Changed to another company who were much cheaper for same coverage.
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I did, alba but, 32 pages!!! :)

Just looking for a general rule of thumb.
go to pet's policy website, if they have a search thingy, that might help.

I have a nasty, sinking feeling that Toby won't be covered tho :-(

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Me too, alba. :(
chrissa, take the bull by he horns and ring the Insurance company.
My sister's staffie was covered for this exact same thing, but unfortunately I don't know who the insurers were. But that might be a ray of hope you...
it really does depend on the policy and on the insurer. My old girl that I had before the current 2 was covered for dementia meds including vivitonin....But I think that petplan is first class. The dog we had before that needed to be neutered in later life because he got prostate trouble...when I phoned them because they don't cover neutering or any complications they just said to make sure that the vet put the diagnosis on the form and it would be fine and it was.
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Once I get a prescription from my vet, they’re cheaper on the internet.
I’ll check with my insurer, though.
Chrissa I read on here (I think) that the PDSA has now extended their help to anyone who draws a state pension and lives in a Council Tax Band A-D property. So you could check this out and see if you have a PDSA hospital in your area.
You are right ladybirder, those folk can access reduced cost, not free might need to put your postcode in the landing page to see the info...I had to do it but might have unlocked the info page or I might not....they also seem to have waived the "no purebred pets" requirement.
just tested link and yes you will need to put in your postcode
I hope Chrissa sees our posts Woofy.
Thinking about their change in policy, I wonder if it was done to encourage more older people to adopt an animal in the knowledge that if they do so they may well get help with vets' fees? I think it's a good move and will hopefully help towards reducing the shocking number of animals languishing in rescue centres.
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Very interesting, Ladybirder and woof. I can see that my vet is part of the scheme. I’ll certainly look into it. Cheers.
Ah that's good Chrissa. My commission is only 20% of the savings you make;-))
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Ha ha ha. ;)

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Will My Old Lab Be Covered For Dementia Medication?

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