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jennyjoan | 15:37 Mon 26th Oct 2015 | Pets
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Well I was telling you that Maxie was *** my shaggy mats both in the kitchen and dining room area.

I lifted and washed them last week so they (mats) have not been down for some time now and not once has maxie *** on them/wooden floor.

Because of the mats are shaggy I am definitely of the opinion and the sista feels the same - he thinks the shaggy mats is grass so he just does what he would do if he was on grass.

Now I used bic of soda, bought stuff from Pets at World but that was for the mats - anybody any idea what to do when the mats are going to eventually be down again - or I am left with a wooden floor which I don't want. Anything at all to help - thanks


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IF he hasn't peed on the wooden floor in the same area then it doesn't sound as if he's marking his territory so the mats maybe the problem. Try the mats and if he starts peeing on them again you will probably have to leave them up or buy a different kind. Maybe put some carpet protector over them you can buy this from Argos and it would stop the mats feeling like grass
well jenny it looks like all the AB dog training experts have abandoned your question.
Perhaps he thinks the mats were down for him to use.How we've trained all our dogs was to put news papers down for them decreasing the amount of paper towards a door till there was none at all by which time they would either sit by the door and bark or come and let us know they wanted to be out all with lots of fuss and treats when they behaved.They usually learnt very quickly mind you we always had dogs from puppies so I'm ot sure how it would work with an adult dog.
I forgot to mention my last dog was also a Max and i usually use photos of him as my avatar except for "Specials" such as rememberance day
Looking back over you questions its appears that you have a problem with Maxie toileting inside - you have said that you walked into the back bedroom and he had poo'd everywhere.

Is he getting out into the garden enough?
Question Author
oh Islay - that pooed matter was gone within weeks. Because I kept door shut - now he waits until we are or he is outside. - Mats will be a problem - as they are very like grass.
Thank you for getting back to me, I have had shagpile rugs and dogs in years gone by and the dogs never mistook the rugs for grass. I seriously think you need to do some more toilet training with maxie, it would be a shame if this continues and it ruined your relationship with him.
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Islay - will think of dog training - for I like these mats.

By the way may I say you remind me of another poster by the way you write JJ
If you have taken on a mature dog Jenny it will be more difficult to house train him.
Keep a close eye on his behaviour and you will learn the signs he gives when toileting is needed.
Get him outdoors quickly and praise him with lots of pats and scratches in a nice voice when it works.
Don't grouse him when it doesn't as he will not understand.
He will soon get the hang of things.

Best of luck
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Lozy - kiddo doesn;t mean it - the mats are are in another room and in 10 months I have never seen him do -because between his wee man and the shagg you would just think he is sitting down having a grand ole time with the lovely heat between me and my man !!!
Well that could be a sign Jenny, when Maxie starts looking amorous with your rug or even just sitting there take him outside and encourage him to do what ever.

If you don't watch his behaviour and learn then you will be fighting a losing battle with him and your rug.
Hope you have an industrial strength washing machine ;-)
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lozzy - I am in the living room - these mats are in the kitchen and dining room. I think I have the problem that because he is not scolded he doesn't think he is doing anything wrong. Can never catch him in the living room cos funnily enough those mats "flat". All I can do is try and get him trained or every week or so wash the mats - I do have a large drum in my washing machine but don't think it was meant for mats.

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