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Sad With Maxie Yesterday

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jennyjoan | 23:30 Thu 21st Apr 2016 | Pets
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I haven't been well as to walkies but took Maxie to a big park yesterday in a safety zone. Decided to let him scamper for an hour or two without the lead- then came for time to coming home. Nothing to get him back for about 30-40 mins (meanwhile I am getting agitated) - along came 4 big teenagers- I was desperate and asked them could they get him back. One big lad just gingerly walked over to him opened his arms to (Maxie) - Maxie stood still and the guy put the lead around kindly.

What a smack on the face for me. I have cried so much about it.

I do think I will need to keep him on the lead for evermore - or am I not a good owner.


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Oh JJ, don't be hard on yourself - he plays you up because you are his Mum.

It's difficult enough when you're in pain don't worry unduly and use the lead for now.
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thanks mamy for understanding
You are too hard on yourself JJ. Just keep him on an extension lead. Don't be upset, was good of the boys to help out.
How kind of boy,...lovely gesture JJ ;)

x x x
Aww don't be sad jj, you do your best x
Maxie is playing you and pushing his boundaries.

Have you ever done any proper training with him? I know your not well, why not consider getting a dog walker in a couple of days a week and they can help with the training.

In the meantime don't get frustrated with him and it will sever the bond between you. You really do need to do something as it is not fair to keep in on the lead all the time.
Don't beat yourself up my lovely. Every dog we've had, and we've had a few, has had moments like that. What we used to do was have some of the dogs favourite treats in a pocket. Make sure he knows you have them. He won't go far, and if he knows he's going to get one, he will come to you. Put the lead back on him before you give him the treat. It always worked for us. Well done the lad. ;o}
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WBM - that was a nice post as they all were - have tried the treat majig - but he cottons you are trying to "get" him. Other than that he is a lovely wee dog.
Dogs are like children - they are as naughty as they allowed to be!

Also in common with children, they sense when you are below par, and they play up, and they push their boundaries.

Waterboatman's advice is excellent - nothing to add there.

Hope it works for you!
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Yes Andy he probably senses that I am too soft with him. LOL
He has to come to you because he want to, at the moment he thinks you are trying to 'get him' (your words) he needs encouragement and praise and training.
To add to Wb’s comment, you can practice this at home....he comes to you, has his lead put on and gets a treat, then you immediately take the lead off. Same with being fed, lead on, feed, take lead off. Don’t try and lead him around, talk to him, apart fro m praise, or anything. Just call him, lead on treat or feed lead off. The treats you give should be his absolute favourite thing and NOT given for anything else. While he is learning this, then flexi while he is out at walks. Once he is doing this at home with no hesitation and WHILE YOU HAVE THE FLEXI ON, do it while you are out walking him....same thing, call, lead on, treat and lead off. If he doesn’t respond, resist the urge to haul him in on the flexi, just put the treat away and carry on, try again a minute or two later. Don’t try it when you think he is unlikely to come to you. This does work with (most ha ha) dogs if you persevere because you are replacing the lead on in the park=go home with lead on means treat. The way for this to work though is that lead on=treat has to way outnumber lead on = leave park.
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that was good advice Woofie - funnily enough I am trying this past cuppla weeks of doing recall in the bedroom (that sounds ominous LOL) . He sits on his wee cushion and then I call him over to the other side of bedroom. His treat his getting on the bed and if not he doesn't get. Anyway the wee scitter can be reluctant to come to you but he does eventually.

Think that has been a bit of a start for me.

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Sad With Maxie Yesterday

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