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jennyjoan | 09:11 Sat 16th Apr 2016 | Pets
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Would anybody know of a broker insurance that would insure pets bUT - on here in NI. I do not want to be ringing Great Britain to call centres - would only like to deal with them face to face.



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I doubt you'll be able to see anyone face to face regardless where they are located.
Look in your local Yellow Pages for Insurance Brokers.

Any reason you don't want to sort it out online?
I might have misunderstood the question.

I thought JJ meant she'd want to see someone face to face if she needed to make a claim.
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I have great difficulty and nervous when I hear a strange accent albeit, English, Scottish/ Indian - i do get very stressed -
So do most people JJ, it's why call centres have such a bad name. I think it's my bank that has it's call centre in N Ireland.
Your Yellow Pages will tell you where to find InsuranceBrokers in your vicinity for you to visit.

To the best of my knowledge websites don't have accents.
Good luck with paying that premium!

Tesco is very good you do it online and hardly have to talk to anyone.
It might be worth asking your local vets. Mine do their own policy so I just have to pay £60 if the beast needs treatment. No middlemen and no mucking about.

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Insuring Maxi

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