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lilacben | 18:33 Thu 10th Sep 2015 | Pets
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To clean a floor or carpet with when a pupppuppy wees on them by acciden..? cannot remember if it is bio washing powder or bleach? Many thanks


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Bleach is likely to take the colour out of the carpet.

Bio washing powder might be better.

I'd prefer to use one of the 'Simple Solution' range of products (which can be bought from Pets at Home stores), such as this one:
I'd start with soda water or a solution of bicarbonate (baking soda).
If that doesn't work I'd go for Vanish carpet cleaner.
The treatment depends on whether the floor is carpet,or wood.
If wood,is it sealed?
Has the deposit been in contact with the sealing substance long enough to soften it? There may be no alternative to replacement a laminate.
Carpet wee stain should be flooded with a mild detergent solution eg baby bath in water. This should then be soaked up with repeated application of dry towel and pressure - typically, folding an old bath towel,placing it over the spill and standing on it.
Then pour clean water over the site,and repeat the blotting process.
Pic go with lady alex. Soda water or a solution of bicarbonate of soda

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