Dog Behavioural Problem

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Gromit33 | 17:11 Sat 12th Sep 2015 | Pets
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Hi All,
Hoping someone may be able to help me.
My brother adopted a 5/6 year old Labrador from the Labrador Trust nearly 2 years ago who was rescued from a Puppy Farm. My parents look after her whilst my brother is at work. The problem is that Pippa hates me. When she sees me, or even if she hears me upstairs she starts barking and growling.
The weird thing is that normally she's also wagging her tail and looking kind of sheepish about it. It's not actually aggressive, just annoying for everyone.
It's been suggested that maybe the Puppy Farm was staffed by women my age and she associates me with them.
Does anyone know how we can solve this?
If it needs saying, I have never smacked her or harmed her in anyway to make her afraid of me. We've always had dogs as a family and never had a problem before.
Thank you.


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I think this is more problematic than can be solved without seeing the dog and you and your behaviour in front of her and her behaviour around you. Do the Lab Trust offer any behavioural back up? Otherwise I would suggest an appointment with an APBT accredited behaviourist. She certainly seems scared of you for some reason and its totally possible that its a memory from her days at the puppy farm. I am sure its nothing you have done.

People may come on here and talk about pack leader nonsense and "showing the dog who is boss" please ignore them, such advice is unking and can be dangerous.
What happens if you offer her a treat Gromit? Could you be the one that feeds her? A way to a dog's heart is often through its stomach.
ladybirder, if the dog is scared for whatever reason that can be dangerous. The dog wants the treat so will approach closer than it want to which raises its fear level. Its one of the ways that people get bitten.
It could be that something in your clothing, or a scent that you bring in with you, is frightening her. I'm thinking of our rescue dog who goes berserk if a small white van approaches and is ready to attack any male in light-blue jeans and white t-shirt.. Now we know about thi it is not a real problem as, once introduced, he is OK. Can you think of anywhere you go before meeting her that can leave a definite scent, disinfectant maybe?
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Thank you to everyone for taking the time to reply. I will certainly look into some behavioural therapy. Pippa was also the same with my brother's ex-partner, who managed to get round her some way by just ignoring the growling and making a fuss of her. Hope to get to the bottom of it soon.
I would try a dose of whatever method the previous partner used then Gromit.

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Dog Behavioural Problem

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