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Nice cup of tea

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JanetA | 14:23 Wed 04th Oct 2006 | Adverts
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Still going with this one - who sang "I like a nice cup of tea in the morning" JINGLE in the teabag advert from the 1970s.

Many thanks to you lot who gave me the singer of the song, but it is just the name of the person who sang the JINGLE that we are not sure about. This debate has been going on for months in my local pub.


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Hi Janet,

I can't give you the specific answer you're looking for on this one but perhaps I can clarify one or two things for you.

Firstly the original song 'Nice Cup of Tea' was written by the English humourist and playwright AP Herbert for his musical revue 'Home & Beauty' which was first performed in 1937 to celebrate the coronation of King George VI.

In the 1970s the song was used by Brooke Bond for their 'D' brand of tea so the lyrics became 'I like a nice cup of D in the morning'. I believe that the former F1 world champion Jackie Stewart and his wife Helen featured in the advert.

So the fact that 'tea' was altered to 'D' obviously meant that the jingle was recorded specifically for the ad rather than an old version of the song being used. Chances are that it was recorded by a session/jingles singer rather than an established artist which would make them almost impossible to track down 30+ years on.

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Although Jackie Stewart & his wife featured in the advert, did they actually sing the jingle?

I think we're getting a bit nearer!

Many thanks.
Hi again Janet,

On further investigation yes I think that you're correct in assuming that Jackie Stewart might have sang the jingle. Please take a look at the following F1 nostalgia forum and check out the message from 'D-Type' dated 14 Sep 06. He/she can distinctly recall Jackie 'trying' to sing in the ad so perhaps his wife did too. This might just be enough evidence to solve the riddle? e022d601153ab5222bf139092f3dd&postid=2513537#p ost2513537

And the Jackie Stewart section on the following link (paragraph beginning '1971') further supports the theory that he did sing the jingle - e.html

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Nice cup of tea

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