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Ed, Spare Ed,

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anneasquith | 12:52 Mon 16th Oct 2023 | Editor's Blog
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Would you please move my post from news to chatterbank ( or a man re appropriate topic ), I never intended to post in news. Thanks .



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I've found that the best way to get Ed action on your own post is to Report it yourself with "Other" as the reason and an explanation as to why you want it (re)moved.

The system does allow you to report your own post.

I thought it was mine now?

Question Author

Thank you canary. 😉

12.56 "The system does allow you to report your own post"

Not a problem for me,  everyone else reports mine for me.🤣

I moved your post into the news category. We want to keep ChatterBank clear of this type of discussion. I hope you understand. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

Question Author

I'm sorry Ed my post was removed to news, it was not news or indeed a question. ., and became ' political'. 
I was certain I had not posted in news.

Correct. You posted in ChatterBank. 

Question Author

I knew I did. , .

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Ed, Spare Ed,

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