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APG, Not sure that the ED is here at weekends.This may have to wait until Monday.
Leave this here, APG, and email the Ed separately now - red flagged if you can.
Question Author
Thanks Danny - hopefully no ones data will get compromised until monday then.
I'm highly sceptical that it's anything serious. Still, if you are concerned, then you should probably change your password anyway. Hopefully the Editors will have a better idea of what may have happened.
Having said that, I notice that the "change password" system seems to be ... temperamental at best.
As it's the weekend, I'd not expect a reply from the EDs on here or via e-mail before Monday.
Can you change your AB password using your Microsoft device rather than the device using an Apple operating system?
See also for tips on how to successfully change your password.
Question Author
togo -I'm trying to change my password on my laptop using edge browser. I have now tried 4 times with no luck. I can input the new password, correctly input my old password, but when I click change it just reverts back to the AB home page and , on checking, my old password has not been changed.
See Jim's post APG, ref ab password change.
Question Author
Thanks Togo -password sorted through Jims excellent advice.
Put the email addy you use for AB in here - this is a legitimate site highly recommended by PC mags and tech experts.
Hopefully of course you have only used that password for AB so there will be no risk to your sensitive accounts such as banking.
Question Author
Barry -Thanks but it was not my email address that was compromised, the message was that a site I use ,named as AnswerBank, had had a leak of data -which I presume meant passwords linked to accounts -and to change my password immediately.
Thankfully the original password before I changed it was unique to AB.
Any data breach would include your email address, I suspect.
As I have suggested on the other thread, it might be an idea to delete any personal info from your profile in the meantime.
Question Author
Barry, I never put the correct info into forum sites profiles -incorrect dob, no personal info and throw a way email addy. I'm not concerned any of my important personal info will be compromised really, but am concerned I'm using a site that has had at least one data leak, and a site that you can change your password without inputting your old one.
“ its not a scammer its a new security feature from Apple, explained fully in the link I provided. If a site has had a known security data leak, your password for that site is classed as compromised and they sent you message suggesting you change it.”

From the other thread which has gone a bit weird
It’s not a scam, indeed it’s a genuine alert from the Edge browser app.
However it’s also not an Apple security feature as Edge is a Microsoft browser.
TBH I’d be sceptical that this sort of thing is all that helpful, or all that serious as usually this sort of thing is a false alarm. So I’d change your password if you can. But probably not sorry too much beyond that. I’d also switch to using an Apple browser, personally, but up to you
Question Author
Thankyou -I use safari on my phone.

Unfortunately my original thread has been hijacked, which is a shame as its a genuine imortant heads up. The fact no one from AB has got in touch is ,frankly both pathetic and worrying.
AB HQ don't work at weekends.

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