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//As the details in your profile are false and you're not concerned about the e-mail address, what are your issues, exactly?//

Daft question. The details in her profile could have been genuine as I imagine many are here.
wasn't a question was it? it was a statement
It doesn’t matter if APG has used false information many others may have used real information could be affected
aelmpvw, are you talking to me?
daft answer naomi. "Barry, I never put the correct info into forum sites profiles -incorrect dob, no personal info and throw a way email addy."
You haven't thought that through, bednobs. What if it happened to someone who hadn't used false details?
but the question was "what are YOU (APG) worried about" not, what should everyone else who's ut info in be worried about. You really didnt think that through, did you naomi?
Ok, so the fact that security on AB has been called into question and people other that APG could well be affected doesn't matter to you, bednobs. That figures.
what do you mean by "that figures?" I never said any of that anyway, im just saying that TCLs question was not daft
Did you come here for a row or just to stir, bednobs? Either way, go find someone else to do it with. I'm not interested. Martin Millar has said the same as me so perhaps she'll oblige.
Did YOU come here to stir and be spiky? - i only used your very own words in my replies to you: "daft question" "you haven't thought that through have you". if you think those words are stirring or making a row, that must be what you are doing?
in any case how does what i said figure that i don't care about security or other people's security? I just don't understand how you make that leap from what i said
NAOMI, others might have used their real details in their profiles and have genuine concerns about that fact but APG hasn't.

I am merely asking what are her personal concerns about this.

I see little benefit in continuing this since nothing will be resolved until to-morrow.
Question Author
My personal concerns are that if this can happen, with no input from Admin as they are on their weekend break, then what else could happen? I'm pretty au fait when it comes to security but some people will fill in forms with every personal detail , and its been commented on here that people are having difficulty now changing/ deleting that info and other security concerns abut password protection.
I am not particularly worried about how this effects me as nothing of value could be gleaned if data on this site had been leaked. I am genuinely concerned about others on here and my original post, hyjacked by the AB nutter, was to warn others and inform the Editor of a potential data leak.
Hope that clears things up especially for Corby :-)
As you're not particulary worried, there's little to be gained by getting up to high doh on behalf of others.

It will be addressed to-morrow.
APG can't be the only ABer to use an iPhone. Has anyone else had the same message on their iPhones?
Haven't had any message on my I phone but I noticed that the ad blocker is working, no notification coming up telling me to 'turn off the ad blocker'.
Question Author
Yes I've just realised that too. I've been browsing in Private to avoid ads but when accessing AB normally, one is no longer prompted to disable the ad blocker.
This sounds confusing - a Microsoft message was received on an iPhone saying there has been a data leak at The AnswerBank, but you don't use a Microsoft browser on your phone, you use Safari?

Advice from ichkeria and Buenchico is sound. It may be that your email address and password were compromised on another website and you use the same logins on The AnswerBank. I am aware of no such data breaches.

As suggested, use the site to see if any of your logins have been compromised - it will tell you which site had a data breach involving your email address, if any. We recommend using different passwords for each website you log into, and if you're worried, change your password to be safe - which I see you've already done. I see there is some issue being reported about changing passwords, which I'll look into in a moment.

Members are correct in saying we don't work weekends, however we do have an on-call IT team who are immediately notified (and awoken from their slumber if necessary) if there are any urgent technical problems on the website.

APG, could you please let me know when you emailed us, as I have not received an email from you?

If anyone receives a message like this in future, please try to capture a screenshot and send it to us so that we can more easily help.
// Did you come here for a row or just to stir, bednobs? //
god some Abers can find cconflict in anything

I have been cloned ( not here ) and use a difft password for each login site. This means you need a little bookie with the all the current passwords in it BUT - it means a password leaked like lu-lu-belle is only one site - and you know which one it is !

banks, etc I wd not dream of using the pw for anything else. They are all single. Lose money once and I can tell you it isnt such a bind to have differing passwords
“ it seems very clear it was on th iphone :)”

It can’t have been a Microsoft message on an iPhone : I though APG said she was using Microsoft Edge on her phone, which did seem odd. But apparently not

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