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vulcan42 | 17:35 Fri 08th Feb 2019 | Editor's Blog
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Is there something wrong with the Answerbank?, every time I change the category or check on the latest posting I have to click on " I accept"


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What web browser are you using?
This was happening to me a little while ago, it drove me batty. Seems to have stopped for the moment. I was using Chrome.
Question Author
I am also using chrome.
Happened to me a few times on Chrome, not today though, was getting a bit tedious but I thought it was only me and my own settings
I have not been able to replicate this issue. The Gnomes at AB Towers mostly use Google Chrome.

Have you edited your browser settings recently?

If you are unable to rectify the issue then please close down Google Chrome and then restart it.
I did that yesterday, cleared my cookies and browsing history, I had no problem today.
It's happened to me a few times (Chrome) only tends to happen for a few hours
Question Author
Thanks for your help everybody, it was getting tedious, cured now.
That's good to know Vulcan 42 :)
These things do have a habit of asking again and again.
Even needs a re-login after denying all.

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