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Batten Down The Hatches (Again?)

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Canary42 | 16:28 Mon 30th Oct 2023 | Weather
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You’ve seen Babet, now here comes Ciarán



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I don't like the practice of giving names to storms. I'd much prefer it if they just said "wind and rain on the way", or something like that.

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I quite agree bb, not least just thinking how horrible it must be for people called Ciarán to hear folk cursing them on all the media.

I'm glad my name is at the end of the alphabet! 

Well, Canary42, I don't think that there's much chance of anyone calling a storm "Bookbinder", so I can rest easy!

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The reason for naming them seems's easy to refer back to them sometime in the future.

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A good point gingjbee.  But it would put paid to this amusing sketch from Vicar of Dibley 😀  😀  😀  


Babet was known as Storm Viktor in Germany

Maybe seen there as a crosswind dresser 

"Babet was known as Storm Viktor in Germany"


Think we'd all better watch out if they ever name one 'Storm Adolf'😰

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DOn't say I didn't warn you - ARRIVAL IMMINENT

The worst prediction for here on the South Coast is wind at 69mph.  That is nothing to when living in the Yorkshire Dales the roof of my cottage and next door's made a loud bang and blew off when we had ONE blast of 100mph at 6am. Can't remember the year, either late 90's or early 20's.

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Gosh, how terrifying ladybirder - and the consequences must have been nasty. 

Not really Canary.  Because my next door neighbour's insurance company and my own got together and it was fixed before dark the same day.  I can't remember if we had a new roof put on or the old one put back.

If only everything was that easy to fix;-)

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Batten Down The Hatches (Again?)

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