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Travel to New Zealand.

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Snowy Owl | 21:07 Sun 12th Apr 2009 | Travel
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My OH and I have been to NZ once and would love to go back. However, he's not keen on the long flying times we did when we went via LA last time....11 hours followed by 12 to Auckland.

On the basis that we would not be short of time for the whole journey and holiday, can people suggest alternative routes that would give us a couple of stop overs both out and back, preferably different routes.

I guess that a direct route will be cheaper, but as we are only likely to do this once again, it is not a big deal if the split routes are more expensive.


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I have just come back from a five week tour UK- Las Vegas - Los Angeles - Auckland - Sydney - Melbourne - Singapore - Dubai - UK It was a Grand Escapade ticket with Virgin, Singapore Arlines and Air New Zealand. I could have stopped off in the Pacific to break the 12 hour journey between LA and Auckland but the timings did not suit me. It cost �1324 and I did it through the Flight Centre.
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Like that for an idea, loonytunes. We did think about a Pacific island for a stopover as we met several UK people doing that when we went last time, mostly it was Fiji, but I wondered about a couple or three days in Hawaii!!!
On the ticket we had, the choice of flights and stops out of LA was limited. There are several reasons for this but there is a problem with the number of airlines doing the routes. Most have been taken over by Air New Zealand who want to take you to Auckland and then connect. Hawaii would be a good choice if you can get it

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