Cubana it safe?

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nancie | 17:44 Thu 13th Apr 2006 | Travel
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I've found a cheap hol to cuba going with cubana airways? Doeas anyone know if cuba has a good saftey record with their airline? cheers


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I should imagine there would be stringent checks on any Airline nancie.I hate flying but I dont ever think of safety records - I'm just claustrophobic.

You'll be fine - stop worrying.If you did you wouldnt go anywhere - even I can go on planes (albeit alcohol induced) but I still do it.

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Personally, I wouldn't have the slightest worry about flying with Cubana. This is because even the least safe trip by air is probably a great deal safer than a motorway journey, of equivalent duration, by car.

If you're nervous about flying, however, you might not want to read this: 2cubana.shtml

or, indeed, most of this: tm

dont fly with them,they have had a lot of crashes
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Forgot to add the Cubana site. Takes ages to load, but may give a bit more info:
check this out.

Hey Norm - bit unfair that one isn't it? most of the accidents are with Russian crates (if you go to the accident log), and would probably be expected to be a problem. There are lies, damn lies and statistics, are there not?

Extract from blurb on site: 'Accidents are extremely rare, with the probability of a passenger being killed on a single flight at approximately eight million-to-one. If a passenger boarded a flight at random, once a day, everyday, it would be approximately 22,000 years before he or she would be killed'

my uncle died on a cuban plane
Everything in Cuba is dodgy, even the bloody mozzies wear gas masks and armour plating. Fly with thomas Cook and go all inclusive, no booze to pay for then, just knock it back at will.
Don,t know about the pilots but if the planes were unsafe they would not be allowed to land or take off at British airports.
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Cheers for all the info and links guys, was really good-BuenChico, found link quite useful, as i did nickmo, glad i found those, now i can make a more informed choice.

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Cubana it safe?

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