Diabetic - Flight Problem!

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LizB99 | 18:11 Tue 24th Jan 2006 | Travel
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Hi, my husband is diabetic. He doesn't have to inject, but does do the 'finger prick' test to test his blood sugar level.

Does anyone know if he can take this tester kit in with his hand luggage? We've been away twice since he was diagnosed, the first time, we told then at check in, and they made us put the kit in the case. Last year he was really ill on the outbound flight, (feeling sick / faint etc), but couldn't check his blood because we'd put the kit in the case!


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Found this on BA site

which implies you are OK if you have a letter from your doctor, but you could still be refused. Probably best to try and contact your airline and the airport security people several days before you fly.

not sure if that link will work. Go to and type diabetic in the search box
I am Diabetic and have taken my test kit in my hand luggage to New York several times (only had Hand luggage) with no problems and also to the Holy Land (Tel aviv) airport was very long check in's but they didn't question it being in my hand luggage. I would not be without my kit as you say for a long journey and the food they serve isn't always suitable so would need to check blood sugars, and I always have some food with me in bag. If you have a card stating I am Diabetic show them that, I was in London and had to go through a bag check before a memorial service in Abbey and I said to the police thats my glucometer and they said yes we know, so people should be aware of what these machines are for and can be life saving. Have a good holiday.

I think it will depend on the airport staff on the day.

My mother flew out to me last month and the airport staff made her take the 'crack' out of my xmas crackers.... airport security gone crazy!

I take 20-60 flights a year and have carried a meter for 8 years without ever being challenged over it. I have had some interesting discussions about my needles, but have never been seriously troubled. Don't tell them you have it (you are under no obligation to do so as it is not a banned item) and they won't find it on the x ray. If a random search identifies it, show a doctors note and it will be fine

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Many thanks to you all for these answers, I think it has convinced me to get my hubby to take the tester kit in his hand luggage!

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Diabetic - Flight Problem!

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