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NORMANTHEDOG | 18:04 Tue 24th Jan 2006 | Travel
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Does anybody know that if you have allready been photographed and fingerprinted on entering the States,as we were last march.Do you have to go through it all again when you go back for another visit.


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Under the provisions of the US-VISIT (US Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology) program implemented by the Department of Homeland Security visitors to the US are fingerprinted upon entry and departure. This will occur on every occasion you visit "Land of the Free".
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Thanks, Kempie
I visited the States three times last year and was photographed and fingerprinted every time.
Yep and its a long long wait sometimes ! Also make sure they take out the green visa waiver form from your passport when you leave, last time they forgot and it caused me all sorts of bother as I had to prove that I had left the country etc. etc.

Yep, every flippin' time, even if you are just connecting in the States to go somewhere else e.g. London to Houston, changing for Mexico....same again on the way back!

If going via Houston, take a good book for the queue. War and Peace should do it.....maybe!

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