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Credit Or Debit

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ImLostAgain | 10:43 Fri 21st Jun 2024 | Travel
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Is it still better to use a debit card to withdraw money from an atm when abroad? Which is better to use when spending in a restaurant or shop?



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Credit cards usually incur a charge when drawing cash abroad, debit cards may or may not depending on your bank. We always use debit cards for cash withdrawals and credit cards for buying things.

Use a debit card. If you use a credit card that is treated as cash and will incur daily interest.

use a credit card or cash in shops and restuarants etc. That way if your card gets cloned you can sort it with the CC company rather than have you bank emptied.

Question Author

Thanks for that. I'm taking what I hope will be enough cash but you never know!

My credit card is Halifax Clarity which I automatically pay off in full.

So if I have to it'll be debit to withdraw and credit to buy.


Question Author

Thanks both.

And always choose to pay in local currency. If you choose to pay in pounds they will use their exchange rate which will not be as good as the oficial one which will be used by your bank.

We don't travel abroad now but when we did we found it was better to get our cash from machines at our destination rather than buying in advance at home. Just be careful to use machines which don't charge a fee; that way you can just carry a small amount of cash and top-up as required and spend nearly everything on your credit card.

That's another good tip from Sam.

Question Author

Yes, two good tips there. Thanks again.

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Credit Or Debit

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