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Has Anyone Travelled To Ukraine

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Pegasus16 | 18:40 Sat 25th May 2024 | Travel
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Has anyone travelled to Ukraine fairly recently.


I have a hotel booked in Kyiv, in the next month or so. Flying into Rzeszów (Poland) but need a train or bus from airport to Kyiv, which all seem booked.


It says I need a PCR certificate (I haven't had Covid jabs). 


Anyone travelled their?



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Not since the local difficulties began.

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Yes, douglas, obviously, I can not fly directly to Ukraine at the moment, the trains are cheap but seems all booked, unless I am doing something wrong.


I am totally useless at internet type of stuff :)


Thanks for your reply.


без проблем

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без проблем = no problem



The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office is currently advising against all travel to Kyiv:

More here:

Both NaTHNaC
and the Ukrainian Border Guard Service
indicate that no health certificates are required for entry into Ukraine.

There appear to be rail services available here:
(Select 'JASIONKA LOTNISKO' as your departure point, with 'KYIV PASAZHYRSKYI' as your destination).

It's a long bus ride with FlixBus from Rzeszów to Kyiv (with a change at Lublin) but they can get you there:

Other operators' services can be found through the Euroticket website:
indicate that no health certificates 

^^^ I'm not sure how that last line got in there! (Please ignore!)

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Haha, thanks buenchico, looking now. Thank you.


Ask Ichkeria.....

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Ok, is he/she from Ukraine? Thanks.

has close connections on the ground and, most likely, can advise.

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Ok bro, thank you :}

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 Buenchico, thank you so much for your links. Cheers.

A PCR certificate and a flak jacket?

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Don't worry, we are the best ex-soldiers in the world, British paratroopers, Pegasus soliders etc.

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Has Anyone Travelled To Ukraine

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