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Picking Up From Gatwick

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bednobs | 00:00 Tue 06th Feb 2024 | Travel
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Ho I'm picking up demesne from Gatwick south on weds am. Where do you meet people? I don't mind paying for parking. Is there a coffee shop at arrivals?



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You can park in one of the Long Stay car parks for up to 2 hours free of charge:

Don't go beyond that time though, otherwise you'll get clobbered for £38:

Costa closed its outlet in the Gatwick South Arrivals hall last November.  All that's left there now is Greggs:

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That's insane!  Is it bus to arrivals?

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Any can you roll up or have to book?

Buses from the South Terminal Long Stay Car Park run every 10 to 15 minutes and take between 7 and 12 minutes to get to the terminal.

Using the Short Stay Car Park (from where you can walk to the terminal) will cost you as follows if you don't pre-book:
Up to 30 mins: £6.00
31 - 60 mins: £10.00
1 - 2 hours: £15.50
2 - 3 hours: £19.50
3 - 4 hours: £23.50

Pre-booking can save you a little but it's still far from cheap.  (Book at least 24 hours in advance for the best rates):

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That's odd. If I try to precooked it's giving me £43 for 1.5 hrs

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Pre booked of course!

^^^ I agree, it's odd!

I just asked it for 0900 to 1030 on Wednesday and got the same price as you did!  It's not the first time that I've seen such a discrepancy though; the Stansted Airport site sometimes try to charge a lot more for pre-booking than for simply turning up too.

It looks like you'll have to pay the 'drive up' rate after all.


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sorry about all the typos btw demesne = someone!

i am miserable about but ok to pay ~£20 (it's better than £43!)

Is it not possible to park up as nearby as possible for free - and then only go to the Short Stay when you know that the person is ready to be picked up?

Could you go to the petrol station have a coffee and when passenger is outside drive up and pick up

I think most airports prohibit casual pick ups - drop off only.

It's all ridiculous!!  Can who you are picking up get on a bus or train from the airport and you could arrange to pick up somewhere else

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she'll have just done a long-haul flight with probably no sleep, so im happy to pay

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Picking Up From Gatwick

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