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Waterloo To Bank Station

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smurfchops | 19:52 Sun 04th Feb 2024 | Travel
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Is it easy to get to Bank Station from Waterloo, is City Line easy to find?  Thanks all



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Easy - Waterloo and City line but it doesn't run at weekends or bank holidays.

Follow the signs for Bakerloo and Northern line in the middle of the concourse.

When you arrive on the concourse at Waterloo, turn to your left.  The escalators to the Waterloo & City Line are towards the far end of the concourse:

When you get to the platforms, look for the big 'Next train' board to tell you which platform to head for.

Waterloo and City is a tube line.  It won't appear on the boards at the station.  Go down the Bakerloo and Northern line (nearest to the lower number platforms) and when you get down there, veer off to the right (you will see where you can tap in)  If the line isn't running, go up to Tottenham Court road and get the Central line.

>>> "It won't appear on the boards at the station"

Agreed.  The trains won't be shown on the platform indicators on the main Waterloo concourse.

However my reference to 'when you get to the platforms' relates to arriving at the Underground station.  There can often be a train already there at one of the two platforms but it won't necessarily be the first train to leave.  You often need to go the unoccupied platform and wait for another train to arrive.  That's why it's important to take note of the 'Next train' sign.

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Thanks everyone!  Off to see 8 Bishopsgate this week, the free viewing platform... 

hope it stays fine for you smurfchops, I've been hoping to get up there when the days get longer.

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Get your free tickets online ! 

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they can "sell" out very quickly, unfortunately.

There's another new one just along the road too

You can access "The drain" by going down the steps halfway down the platfor on the old platforms and it will be right there. 

It only goes WATto Bank and back so easy and no confusion.

Bear in mind if you travel during commuter times it will be hell on earth.  Queues up the slipway and rammed trains.  Patience also runs thin at the gates so be ready before you get there.

Did this for a few years daily.  Never again.

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Waterloo To Bank Station

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