Children Travelling To South Africa

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ParsleyDumpling | 16:01 Mon 25th Mar 2019 | Travel
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I will be going to Capetown with my 16 year old son in August (husband is unable to travel). We will be travelling with my younger sister and her family. My elder sister who lives in Joburg will be flying down to join us, she has sent an email link to the current rules regarding children travelling to SA.
Basically, anyone under the age of 18 must have the long version of their birth certificate ready to present along with their passport when entering South Africa. Since my husband is not coming with us, I have to have a signed affidavit from him, giving me permission to travel solely with our son (this is with regards child trafficking). So far so good, but, the affidavit has to be witnessed and signed by "an official who has the authority to administer an oath or a solemn declaration".
Has anyone had any experience of this? Would I be able to put a name of someone I know that works for a solicitor and "sign" for them? I totally get where the SA officials are coming from and will get my husband to fill out the affidavit, I am just struggling with the oath and declaration bit, it seems a tad OTT and how will they check? I also have to take a copy of some form of ID for my husband (he does not have a passport).
Does this now happen with other countries, or are the South Africans trying to do something themselves to reduce or stop trafficking?


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Look for a notary and for a small fee, they will witness any signatures.
notary public and commissioner for oaths
alot of solicitors are also these
BUT not all

They will charge - biggish palaver

Not everyone is allowed to administer an oath in this country ( Sarf Efrican law is Roman Dutch so I will keep quiet about that ) - for a long long time - oo oo and that is how they screwed the Tolpuddle Martyrs 1834 ( unlawfully administering oaths - NOT union activity), This is also the reason why your employer at a disciplinary doesnt fart around with a bible - not allowed to administer oaths
Apparently, both parents have to visit a solicitor to get all paperwork stamped.
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Thanks for all your answers, 237 you appear to travel a lot (for your job, I assume?). Does SA take this seriously?
I`ve done a bit of digging. Airlines had to deny boarding to passengers without the correct documentation as mentioned in your OP but the rules have been relaxed for non SA nationals. However, you could still be asked for the documentation by SA Immigration on arrival so it's still advised to have the unabridged birth cert, afadavit etc.
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Thank you 237, I was going to take his birth cert. and fill in the affidavit, it's just the declaration bit that was getting me. How can they possibly check? The form I have downloaded (sent from my sisters' link), just required a signature (of the "notary") no other details.
When I take grandchildren on holiday out of Portugal the form, signed and with notary stamp list child by name and all passport details of them, their mother and me. This is good for a year.

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Children Travelling To South Africa

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