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Turkish Lira Exchange Rate - Local Prices

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barney15c | 14:49 Mon 13th Aug 2018 | Travel
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It seems with the Turkish Lira dropping like a stone (over 8 lira currently), lots of people are booking up Turkish holidays to take advantage. Is there any anecdotal evidence from anyone who has been their recently if the Holiday resorts / traders are hiking up their prices because of this and negating the favourable exchange rate?


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I doubt it. They'd have to change all the Menus in restaurants etc. Drinks.....maybe so, by a percentage.
I hope not there in a few weeks.
This website is usually fully up-to-date (within a few days or so) for local prices:
(Change the currency to 'GBP' to save you needing to reach for your calculator).
Question Author
Hope you got your Lira now Zacs, what goes up will come down :)
Thanks for the link Buenchino, very interesting.

// .maybe so, by a percentage. //

yeah like 30%

fallen 45% since the turn of the year - 20-30% over the last few days

I said to one neighbour - oh your property in Lindos has suddently become cheaper !
and he bared his teeth at me ....
Question Author
2014 i think i was getting 3 lira to the pound!!
hey yeah I thought of this over lunch time

say toora-loora to the Turkish Lira boys and gurlz !
//// I said to one neighbour - oh your property in Lindos has suddently become cheaper ! ////

Lindos is Greece innit - or at least it was the last time I went to Rhodes :)
We got £400 worth barney at 7.1 but it just keeps dropping!
It'll go the way of Iceland - where the corrupt robbers followed the lead of their execrable government and welshed on any debts - then merely re-priced everything in ££ $$ €€ and wouldn't even take the local currency from tourists until they'd worked out a new conversion rate to continue the big steal.
Off to change my TLira into $..............
If you go to Turkey often it might be worth buying billions.
Doesn't look like anyone is selling any at the moment...??

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Turkish Lira Exchange Rate - Local Prices

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