New York, 10 Days, Stay Or Wander?!

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shivvy | 23:27 Sun 02nd Apr 2017 | Travel
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I am going to New York from 20-30 May. Or more specifically I have tickets to a show on 25 May in New York and I'm available to travel from 20 -30 May. So do I spend it all in New York or go elsewhere as well? All recommendations of what to see, where to go etc would be gratefully received. We have both recently turned 50 and like arts, theatre, culture, eating and drinking. Thanks.


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When you say New York, I presume you mean the city. If so, I'd probably do 5 days manhatten, 2 days other boroughs (but be careful), 2 days Niagara Falls (9 hrs by train) 1 day Washington (3.5 hrs by train).
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Thanks Zacs. If I didn't mean the city what would you suggest?
you can spend 10 days in Manhattan easily enough if you want, it's a big city with lots to do. You might find there's more than one show worth seeing (try the TKTS offices for cheap tickets on the day, the one in South St Seaport is usually less busy). If you had a car for a couple of days you could drive to Connecticut or Rhode Island, or up the Hudson river; the roads are good. Washington's good too.
Get a car and either drive out towards the eastern tips of Long Island...visit The Hamptons if you want to go all the way, or stay closer to NYC,and visit Jones Beach on the south shore or for some history visit Sagamore Hill to the north( Teddy Roosevelt's turn of the century pile).

Or,drive up the Hudson for quaint new England style villages...and stunning scenery
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Thanks for the suggestions :o)
if you stay in central NY, try and get a reservation for this fabulous restaurant, or book before you go, you won't be disappointed. I would stay in New York for at least 5 days, it's not nearly enough time, but you can see all the sights.
if time permits take a car and run down to Philadelphia for a day or two and visit this Opera restaurant.
As a New Yorker, I'd say - wander!
Given that you like arts, culture, and eating, New York has so much to offer - you won't get bored in 10 days. And barely there is any better way to discover the Big Apple then wandering around. Yet, make sure you wander in such boroughs as Soho, West/East Village, Chelsea - Downtown in general. Not because other boroughs are unsafe, these are just the beautiful ones and with nice restaurants.
I wouldn't say "Avoid Times Square", yet don't have high expectations. Definitely walk in Central Part - by the time of your trip it should be blooming.
Explore Brooklyn downtown- the part located closer to Manhattan. Brooklyn is huge, yet I wouldn't say the entire city is worth checking out. Focus on Brooklyn Heights. Watch the sunset on a bench at Brooklyn Promenade. There is also a magnificent view from the Dumbo Park - or the park of two bridges. From there you can literally walk Brooklyn Bridge and find yourself in Manhattan - great experience.
And finally, when choosing the tower to visit for a skyline - I'd recommend the Freedom Tower, as it has the best view of the city.
I'm sure you're aware of the greatest museums in New York, just a little tip: MoMa is free on Fridays 4pm-8pm and Metropolitan museum ticket price is up to you, because it is donation-based system. Normally New Yorkers pay $5-$12 per person there.
Enjoy your staying, I hope it will be memorable!

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New York, 10 Days, Stay Or Wander?!

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