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debbie towl | 11:54 Wed 04th May 2005 | Travel
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my husband was caught by police camera doing 96mph in a 60 any idea of penalty?


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 �67-�300 fine,  �30 costs, Ban 1 month to 12 months, according to

- and that's a couple of years back! 

Probably an in-direct free kick,silly boy
I thought if it was 30 miles per hour over the speed limit you lost your license and got an automatic fine. If it classed as a DD40 then it could be custodial but I doubt it.
I hope your husband is banned for a long time, maybe a week in prison, and a fine which is slightly uncomfortable to afford.  Your husband is an **** and you should be glad he never killed anyone/thing or himself.  Maybe a car restricted to 40mph would be a good fine you could suggest to him.
I was going to post a diplomatic answer but see that goodison1234 beat me to it.     'Nuff said.

i dont know the answer but do feel that people have reacted very strongly to your question. I guess no matter what the punishment knowing he has upset you should be the worse punishment. I have to say i feel the penalty will be a total ban being that far over, hope you hear soon at least then youll know what hes facing, good luck

my dad was caught doing 5 miles over the speed limit and had a fine (can't remember how much, less than �100 though) and 3 points on his license.

added to his penalty I think your husband should get a good kick up the arse, theres no excuse for driving like that

Obviously Debbie, Goodison and Ianess are without sin as they cast the stones. Common guys get real 96 in a 60 ain't speeding it just a bit of exuberance!

I'll take the heat, I did 122 in a 60, 6 points(nominally), 56 days ban and �300. It was a GSXR750. Ok I'm ready you can stone me now. "Jehova".

The 6 points go because when you get banned the points go.

Loosehead, you are an idiot and I hope that this is a weak attempt at humour.
If it was up to me I would make him resit his test after a 12 month ban..  He was an IDIOT
Nice one guys I knew you wouldn't let me down.
"without sin as they cast the stones"
Loosehead, does this mean that you wouldn't criticise someone for raping and murdering a family member of yours as you aren't without sin yourself?
Lighten up Stevie, you know what I mean, don't get so bloody serious. Do I have top spell out every nuance? Can you "read between the lines"?
Anyway Debbie, has this helped?
Loosehead, you seem upset as you've been found out.
I don't want to seem a spoilsport but running over someone at twice the legal speed limit and taking a leg or two from them is not cool in anyone's books. Yout get that? NOT cool. Ask Paul McCartney's bird.
debbie has husband heard anything yet?
What have you found out Stevie? 40 years of driving I've been done for speeding twice so NO, I am not without sin......nothing outrageous but nontheless I was guilty and accepted the punishment.    36mph over the limit is outrageous in anybody's language and debbie towl's hubby shouldn't expect any sympathy.

PS... why was goodison1234 edited but funkychicken got away with the same word??

You've all put it so well. What more could I add? Throw away the car keys moron
I think I would have to agree with loosehead in a way I live in a rural area where the limit is 60 on all the main roads but the only person you are 'likely' to hurt is your self! 96 is a bit excessive but going over 60 on some of the main roads around my area is common place in fact most drivers seem to over take me at 60!
Remember we all make mistakes. running a bit late for something important and easy to put your foot down on a straight road..... 99% of people have gone over the speed limit at one time.

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