From Euston Station to Twickenham Rugby

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tenrec | 19:36 Wed 16th Nov 2011 | Travel
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Please can someone tell me how to get from Euston to Twickers? Thanks in advance as I am popping out but will look in later. Cheers!


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Euston Station to Waterloo, Waterloo to Twickenham or Richmond and walk/bus.......there's a bit of a Mecca in Richmond High Street for rugby fans, The Orange Tree, a fine Youngs pub.
Euston to Waterloo (tube) Waterloo to Richmond or Twickenham by rail
don't forget to try & get in the cabbage patch
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Thanks for your answers folks. What is the cabbage patch Nibble?
Are you after a job there, I gather that there is one going at the moment.
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theshedman - you crack me up! LOL
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Can any of you tell me how long it takes on the train from Waterloo to Twickers? Thanks.
Journey times from Waterloo to Twickenham vary between 20 and 30 minutes, depending upon which train you catch.

The fastest ones (20 minutes) run every half hour (usually at 20 and 50 minutes past the hour), with Wokingham as their final destination.

Additional half-hourly services (taking 23 minutes) run at 28 and 58 minutes past the hour, with Windsor & Eton Riverside as their destination.

Trains at 3 and 33 minutes past the hour follow a circular route back to Waterloo, taking 30 minutes to get to Twickenham.

The times above are based upon lunchtime services for this Saturday. For other times, check here:

From Euston to Waterloo you'll need a southbound Northern Line train but you need to take care because the Northern Line splits into two, with only one route serving Waterloo. The train you require will probably be shown as 'via Charing Cross'.

allow yourself a bit of time to walk between the station and Twickers. Leaving with the crowd after a big international can take more than half an hour.
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Buenchico and jno, thank you very much for that additional information. It is much appreciated.
note that there's no charing cross branch trains all weekend coming, due planned engineering works.

take a northern line bank branch train to london bridge, then jubilee line back to waterloo
walk out of the station and catch a no68 bus (heading for west norwood) from bus stop "e".
in both cases, journey will be a shade under 30mn.
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Hi Mushroom the plans are for 26 November, thanks for your input.
Mushroom25's information also applies on 26 November:
I've been in the cabbage patch tenrec - it's a pub just up the road from the station, usually the crowds spread all out across the street!

Btw You need to allow 15-20 minutes walk from Twickenham station to the stadium, it's patrolled all along the way if it's a big match (nice Police horses!)
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Thanks Buen & Boxy!
Chris - that's the sanitised version, not on match day!
BaaBaas v Australia? There may be a few Aussies in the streets, then.
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Yes, jno, it is my OH who is going. He asked me to post the questions.
Tell him not to consider walking from Richmond unless he`s got hiking boots. It`s a trek. If he ends up in Richmond the R70 bus stop is right outside the station and that goes to Twickenham. Never been in the Cabbage Patch. Looks a bit rough on rugby nights. The Eel Pie pub is much better (and the Fox opposite although it was closed for refurb when I came past a couple of weeks ago.

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From Euston Station to Twickenham Rugby

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