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Holiday or Christmas?

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AB Editor | 10:15 Mon 01st Aug 2011 | Travel
30 Answers

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  • A perfect summer holiday - 124 votes
  • 62%
  • A perfect Christmas - 76 votes
  • 38%

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All of our staff stayed in the Manor House and we allowed them to invite friends to parties which they held during our absence. We sometime went away for Xmas and one year we returned to a real mess everywhere. The great Hall had what looked like ski marks on the polished wood floor and the Butler assured me that it had been caused by Father Christmas when he arrived in his sleigh to deliver presents.

Nice thoughts jno.:-) :-)

Ron ☺☺☺
I've only had one Christmas off in the last 21 years, working at an airport. When the missus was working she worked Christmas too, working at an old folks' home. These places don't close just because it is Christmas so we've both kind of been insensitised when it comes to Christmas. Neither of us are religious so it seems to just go unnoticed, apart from the rubbish shown on the electric fishtank.

But the Summer holiday is something entirely different. It can be taken when it is convenient for us. The weather is nice. We can holiday at home or further afield without the airport check-in resembling a cattle mart. And the weather is nice.

What can you do at Christmas? Have two weeks forced off work when the weather is naff and have bugger all to do all day but stuff cheap chocolates down your cake-hole watching Noel Edmunds in a dodgy sweater followed by repeats of The Royle Family and old Superman films.

Give me a shift at treble time and a day in lieu any day.
Don't do Christmas really, dislike it - and don't do holidays in the summer - only Spring and Autumn. But discounting the summer bit, a perfect holiday would be lovely.
LL...Forget my last posting...I was just trying to be humourous as was jno.

I am not really one for 'doing Christmas' but Viv and I make the effort, because it appears to brings a lot of joy to family and friends.

There was a time when we had Christmas at home and then treated ourselves to a New year break in the Gaskell Arms; an old Coaching Inn at Much Wenlock,Shropshire. We were the only residents there on New Year's Eve, where they had a really super party for all local regulars. It was alleged that the building was haunted, but we never came across a ghost. We even became honoury members of the local choir. (Not that we were singers, but did attend many of it's concerts.) However, times change as one gets older and I now enjoy staying at home. So I haven't voted in the Ed's poll.

Don't understand Ron? I just typed what I thought - hadn't seen what you or jno posted. I don't like Christmas, I like holidays - but not in the summer.
Christmas is of no importance to me - you may as well ask whether I'd prefer a perfect holiday or, say, a perfect Feast of Maximum Occupancy...
I like Christmas. Being 32 and single...with cats (not looking good haha!) I end up at my parents and it's nice to just switch off from work for a few days and go back to the country for a couple of days and see family and friends, nice food and I love the presents (giving as well as getting). I have a young nephew so even more special now for him. It's not big or boozy or crammed with masses of people or food but it's nice.

I like the build up too, the Christmas markets arriving in town and even the Christmas drinks ariving in Starbucks and the Christmas shopping and snow...I like the buzz about it. Ok I'll shut up now...
I resent the 'compulsory' happiness, i.e. the attitude that if you're in a state of bliss just because it's Christmas then there must be something seriously wrong with you...
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