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Holiday or Christmas?

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AB Editor | 10:15 Mon 01st Aug 2011 | Travel
30 Answers

This poll is closed.

  • A perfect summer holiday - 124 votes
  • 62%
  • A perfect Christmas - 76 votes
  • 38%

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Question Author
I'm a little surprised at the current result - do we think this is people choosing new experiences (i.e. going away somewhere new or different) over what they already know (i.e. family, Christmas)?
Christmas happens every year. A perfect holiday probably doesn't
ab ed, if you ask this same question in december, i reckon the response would be slightly different.
i chose holiday as its more to do with spending time with family, but it is a longer time than Christmas :)
It's the imperfections of a family Christmas that make it perfect. That's why I chose holiday.
I'm bored of Christmas before December...
I prefer Christmas because I always have a nice long break from work and just love the feel of the 'festive season' and all the happiness it seems to bring. I'm not a fan of hot sun and cerrtainly won't lie around in it, so summer hols have never been all that important to me. More an autumn/winter person !
i don't celebrate christmas
used to love christmas, but being a woman, Im the one who does the shopping for christmas, pressies and wrapping, cards and writing out/sending, decorations, countless trips food shopping, buying things just in case Aunt wots her name fancies a tipple of some obscure drink . Cooking christmas dinner,. Then how do they mange tea as well. Christmas = Shattered. Ed your clearly a man, and have a woman doing it for you. Give me a holiday any day.
Once the boys are older I won't be celebrating it either...
Somebody else out there must love Christmas as I do .... ? Surely.
A perfect Christmas would be a Summer Holiday in a country where it is summer
Question Author
I think you might be right Ankou.

I do notasyoungasiwas!
Oh well !
Glad to hear it AB .... !
Now my daughter is grown up Christmas, in a family context, is not important to me................
I chose the Christmas option because my Brother doesn't accept the invitation, my Sister lives in Somerset (And it would cost her a fortune to travel here AND stay somewhere) and her Husband works abroad and isn't always in the U.K. on Christmas Day. Plus, I work in Retail and the only day I get off around that time is Christmas Day - I'm not allowed to take time off over the festive period.

Haven't had a Holiday since 1986.
I hate Christmas. Humbug.
So do I postdog, but I still put up decorations and entertain family and friends who like Christmas.

I've given-up going on holidays. Never really liked them....always came back tired and felt I needed another one to recover from the strain to which I had been put.

then you're doing it wrong, Ron. Did you forget to take the valet and Viv's lady's maid with you?

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Holiday or Christmas?

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