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Christmas holiday

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sherrardk | 21:58 Sun 22nd Aug 2010 | Travel
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We were thinking of going to Tenerife (or somewhere similar) at Christmas for a week or so but the average temperature is only 22. What places are warm at that time of year?


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Hi SHer, well if you want a short flight, then to Canary Isles are for you!..................
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Hi Welsh - that's what I thought, but it doesn't sound like it will be 'pool' weather! Don't fancy taking 5 wet suits away with us.
Sherrard, have a look here - 22 is still 72 in old money in December. http://www.canaries-l...K/weather-annual.html You have to bear in mind though that the Canary Islands are pretty windy all year round as they are stuck out in the sea. It's a 4-hour flight from Gatwick though.

It's only a 5 hour (Ish) flight, and very much sunbathing territory at that time of year.
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Going off the idea a bit now - just wanted somewhere hot for couple of days but a four hour flight and somewhere that's a bit windy and not overly warm isn't really floating my boat! I'll have to do a bit of research.
Are you taking the small people with you, will you want a good beach?
Similar questions (seeking warmth during the winter months) are frequently asked here on AB. e.g. here:

The suggestion which is repeatedly given (as in that post) is The Gambia.

Official website:

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The small people are coming too (wouldn't dream of going away without them - not that there is anyone to look after them anyway) but don't need a beach if there is a pool.
hI Canaries in Feb, it was really lovely weather, not hot, but nice and warm, if you want hot, look at a last minute deal to the Carribean, lots of All Inclusive deals to be had there, look for: sirenis topical suites, it's lovely! and as a last minute deal, can't get better, the food it lovely, rooms are comfortable, all inclusive!!..............Have look!'s really lovely!...........
Not to be a complete wet blanket sherrard, but it'll be really expensive over Christmas... flights always go up at those times.
We're staying at home and having a barbecue party New Year's Eve in the Garden - plans already being laid with my co-conspirators!
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Not trying to avoid Christmas but that's when my husband closes his business for 2 weeks. When I say Christmas I wouldn't go in the school holidays - I would take them out of school. Went to Eurodisney last year but it wasn't 'Christmassy' enough. I'll have to have a think about it.
Oh boxtops!can't fault you! lovely idea! Make sure you have some mulled wine and you'll have a great time, it'll warm you all from the inside out!............
Yup Welsh, that's the plan, chestnut brazier, fairy lights - if we can get the snow machine, we will....
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Hi Box - have you seen this http://www.cybermarke...9ODzqMCFZNo4wodlwo9uA (they're a lot cheaper than I thought).
Thanks sherrard, that's good of you - but I hope we can lay our hands on A Man WHo Has One (or we know where one is!). Might be useful to know where we can get the fluid though, thank you!
oh dear I have just bought a new year's eve karaoke dvd off ebay, how did that happen?! sherrard, do you want to come to our party instead?

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Christmas holiday

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