What would you like on a suitcase?

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suitcase_builder | 10:06 Tue 03rd May 2011 | Travel
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Our team has to design a suitcase for college. I am asking what functions you would like to see on the suitcase. For example, what size, colour, wheels, zips, locks or anything else you can think of, would you like to see on a suitcase that you purchased?

We have a few ideas already, but asking this will ensure that what we have in mind is what the general public wants to see. This should also count towards our research credits.

Thank you for taking the time to read this question! All reasonable ideas welcome!


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An internal waterproof zip pocket for those lovely shampoo bottle explosions that happen in transit.
Some kind of holster that you can put a brolly in, and a sort of clasp on the pull-along handle that lets you loop a handbag strap through so it can't be stolen.
I do 100,000 miles plus each year, and have spent more money on suitcases than I care to remember. I want, nay, demand

lightweight, my favourite Samsonite is 8 kgs, which is 3kgs too heavy

Good compartments to stop things moving about

a foldable suit / shirt carrier that reduces the creasing without adding a lot to the weight

extendability, a set of zips that allow the case to be deeper

sensible wheels, preferably four, preferably not modelled on a shopping trolley

good height of extendable handle, I want to put a bag on top and still be able to steer the damned thing

colour is unimportant, sensible people tie odd coloured ribbon to the handles

external pockets are a nonsense, they are just bits to get ripped (I can live one large pocket)

May favourite for compartments was a fold over Dakota, but it weighed 12 kgs
I'd like a Trunki for grown ups please
I like the idea of the hidden compartment. Useful for passport and other stuff which could be left in your hotel.
A tracker device for when the airline loses it!
Built in scales so you know if it is overweight.
How about a buit in locator chip that its regiesterd to you when you buy it, so when you travel you simply log on to a web site put in were and when you going and endsure you home detail are upto date so if it get lost they can track it back to you either at home or at your destination, as it a big security risk have personel details for all to see on your case.
Retractable wheels.

Had a wheel broken off a suitcase when I arrived at Naples airport (we've all seen the way cases are thrown about and stacked by the baggage handlers). Had a hell of a job manouvering the thing about with only one wheel especially when I kept walking round in circles because I couldn't find the hotel I'd booked into. Also had to buy a replacement to come home with.

Good luck with your project.
With all these ideas, where can we go to see your design.

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