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lynbrown | 10:25 Sat 06th Nov 2010 | Technology
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Over the past few days, emails which in the past would have gone to my inbox have appeared in my Spam. Its a real pest. Why would this happen?


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We've had this problem at work this week. I assume the 'spammers' are always finding new ways of beating the filters.
There are several hundred, if not thousand different web based email systems and I can think of over 10 different mail clients that you can have installed on your local computer and they are all different.

Asking a question about email without saying which system you are using is like walking into car parts shop and asking for "a bit for a car" and expecting to get the correct bit for the correct car.

unless you say which system you are using for your email it's not possible to answer this.
If you use webmail, your email provider have updated their spam for example. Create a rule so the emails you want will definately go into your inbox.

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