Problem: I have downloaded iMesh for free music downloads

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askyourgran | 15:20 Sun 25th Jul 2010 | Technology
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but got a message that the download would interfere with the windows firewall. Trouble is I cannot uninstall this programme now. I have a Troubleshooting notice from iMesh, but it won't let me uninstall it, a further notice says "iMesh is still running or is still in memory.Please close it and click Ok to continue or cancel to abort installation". that won't clear if I press Ok, but the troubleshooting notice won't clear i can only 'close' the screen.

problem 2. I had previously downloaded Raw downloads which said it had free downloads, It doesn't and i have stupidly given my email and name. I can't even find that on my Control panel to uninstall it. What a ripoff it gave out how much it would cost to download as well once I'd signed in.

I think I need shooting, I wanted to download Enrico Morricone but never done this before. Please help but phrase your help to idiot standard please.


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Read the uninstall instructions at the foot of this page. (Print them out if necessary):

Restart your PC, holding down the F8 key. That will take you into Safe Mode, so that the iMesh program doesn't automatically run in the background. (Your screen will look odd, because the video driver won't have loaded, but you can still access the Control Panel). Then follow the uninstall instructions.

Alternatively you could end the iMesh program (which is running in the background) by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete, entering the Task Manager and ending the relevant process.

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What a flaming mess now I've lost my avatar!, I can't get rid of this iMesh. it just won't
clear. I've tried what you suggest Chris but it won't allow it. a message comes up to say it needs permission, but it still doesn't allow.

All hands on deck, any help will be appreciated. I could do with someone going through the whole list of apps on my laptop a lot of them look like rubbish to me.
Try running System Restore, to take your PC's registry back to a date before you installed iMesh.

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I tried everything Chris but I eventually had to close down, reboot and go to control panel and uninstall the programme. It wouldn't let me go any further as the iMesh programme was still running. So I'm out of the woods again.
I wanted to find a music site where I could download some music (Enrico Morricone) for free (cheapskate I know). I haven't a clue how to do that. Thank you for all your help anyway Chris much appreciated.

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Problem: I have downloaded iMesh for free music downloads

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